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Hannah About Me
I’m Hannah White, a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, & Animator from Atmore, Alabama
And I Create.

After an special course in graphic design at the the my high school, I fell in love with Graphic Design and Animation. In May 2020, I will be graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Animation and Photography. 

During my studies at the University of South Alabama, GO JAGS, I focused on publication and web design in my Graphic Design class and explored many different areas of art that my college had to offer such as: printmaking, animation, studio drawing, lettering, illustration, social media, film photography & digital photography. I wanted to take as many different art forms as I could and work with many different professors to try to become a well-rounded designer.

To make sure that I got working experience, I did an internship in the graphic design field at Wind Creek Casino Hospitality. I have also been doing freelance work for about two years consistently. I hope to work as a  freelance designer, or design for a non-profit organization in the future.  While being in school I had multiple jobs that have prepared me for multitasking, time management and leading a team. In 2017, I was lucky enough to become a youth counselor for the Boys & Girls Club of America and worked there for three years. Those experiences were very important in the progress of becoming a better, more patient person and I think that is present in my design.

During my year at Wind Creek Casino, I developed and fine tuned my design and art direction skills across various discourses including layout, animation, graphic design and illustration. I have also learnt the importance of project and expectation management of various stakeholders in the digital marketing business. I’ve been able to stand my ground and give my design opinion during difficult high pressure situations and never failed to deliver work of the highest standards, adhering to ever changing campaign requirements. I have also learnt how to streamline workflows and produce large amount of digital and print assets on time, ranging from digital restaurant menus to assisting in designing 135 billboards and other content.

It’s my passion to design not only pretty but also functional designs for all kinds of target audiences. I’ve always been very fond of web and concept design, and animation.

Are you interested in a collaboration or do you have questions about my work, feel free to contact me.