Sehoybox project Brief
Subscription Box Designs
Each month of the year was inspired by the birth totem for that month. That birth totem would be used as inspired for the outer box design, tissue paper, color palette, and beauty products found inside each box. With a welcome band around each package would showcase the word hello in a native american tribe's language to show cultural appreciation and pride. 
Illlustrated Stickers 
Each sticker design was illustrated digitally using Procreate and meant to work together in a mini series. These stickers were also meant to be branded takeaways to give the receiver a cute reminder to purchase a subscription. These stickers are also meant to appeal to loyal subscribers to collect each month as they would change annually.
This box was the october themed subscription that represented the Raven birth totem. Each box included information about a specific Native American tribe located in North America in postcard, the box also included five cosmetic products designed around that theme including an eye shadow palette, lipstick, nail polish, night cream, & mascara. Each box also has included a product card, a birth totem explanantion card, and several themed stickers. 

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